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Here is a mind boggling digital marketing stat–there are over a quintillion bytes of data produced every single day. How many zeros does a quintillion even have? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that your media content rises above those zeros and becomes number one. How that happens is by hiring a production company who cares. There is nothing we don’t find interesting. If it’s a product or service that improves people’s lives in any form, style, or fashion we’ll look at it from all angles to find the most compelling story.






Rumory Media is based in Pocatello Idaho and was started in 2016 by Travis Clyde. It’s name, Rumorfy, is from the belief that we can modify any business’s rumor through visual media to be of benefit to achieving your goals. Whether it’s through corporate video, social media advertising, product explainer video, digital ads, testimonial videos or a combination of these Rumorfy Media are committed to doing it right.

Travis does an incredible job from start to finish with creative insights and professional work. He is great to work with and ensures the finished product is exactly what you hoped for. Reasonable in pricing and a gem for the SE Idaho community.

Lee Ann Waldron

We had such a wonderful experience working with Travis. He was professional and on top of it. He came prepared and ready to go. He created 2 amazing videos for us that really told our stories. We absolutely loved the final product. I just can’t say enough how pleasant he was to work with.

Kolissa Manchan

Very high quality work from the early creative stages to the final cut. Travis works diligently to not just make a video or a commercial, but to create a lasting piece of meaningful work that motivates, inspires and tells the story of each company or organization involved.

ISU Kasiska Division of Health Sciences

Our team had such a positive experience working with Rumorfy Media for two videos. We enjoyed the process of working on location and having Travis’ expertise to guide us through each shoot. He has such incredible talent for taking your concept and turning it into a visual masterpiece. He is a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Sarah DeGarmo