Rapid Rope

The owners and makers of Rapid Rope as seen in the popular reality TV show “shark tank” were reluctantly told by the sharks, “genius product but I’m not sure how to sell rope and for that reason I’m out”  My phone rang in early October 2021 and it was the owner, Chris Rodgers, I told him, “I’m in!”

His product was doing well amongst his primary audience of outdoorsmen but he needed to expand it to a wider audience. He wanted customers to have a Rapid Rope in the pickup truck, in the house, in the garage. “It’s gotta be like duct tape,” he told me, “once people have it they’ll realize they need it for everything and anything.”

At first I thought the sharks were just giving a friendly excuse. I thought, “I can sell this. No problem” but then I was striking out attempting to position it like duct tape, however, I don’t give up. And at the end of November it hit me as I was watching a Christmas advertisement.  Tasks Untangled. I quickly envisioned Santa Claus in the sudden predicament where he realizes his reindeer harness is broken. He’s already late and the elves are retired for the night. He’s forced to think fast and then goes to the workshop and pulls Rapid Rope out of the toolbox.


Travis does an incredible job from start to finish with creative insights and professional work. He is great to work with and ensures the finished product is exactly what you hoped for. Reasonable in pricing and a gem for the SE Idaho community.

Lee Ann Waldron

We had such a wonderful experience working with Travis. He was professional and on top of it. He came prepared and ready to go. He created 2 amazing videos for us that really told our stories. We absolutely loved the final product. I just can’t say enough how pleasant he was to work with.

Kolissa Manchan

Very high quality work from the early creative stages to the final cut. Travis works diligently to not just make a video or a commercial, but to create a lasting piece of meaningful work that motivates, inspires and tells the story of each company or organization involved.

ISU Kasiska Division of Health Sciences

Our team had such a positive experience working with Rumorfy Media for two videos. We enjoyed the process of working on location and having Travis’ expertise to guide us through each shoot. He has such incredible talent for taking your concept and turning it into a visual masterpiece. He is a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Sarah DeGarmo